Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Alex Jones Attacks Zeitgeist

This a fun video but the thing is - you don't even have to alter his voice to show what a foaming-at-the-mouth fucktard Jones is. The man has probably turned off more people to 9/11 truth than all the other nutcases combined.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Drunk Driver Continues Assault on Activists

4 Times Convicted Drunk Driver Rolf Lindgren Continues Assault on 9/11 Truth Activists

Disgraced former Libertarian Party operative Rolf Lindgren, who pleaded not guilty due to mental defect before being convicted for his fourth drunk driving offense, is continuing his muddled assault on free speech, critical thinking and 9/11 truth activists. Apparently enraged that the activist site truthaction.org refuses to censor legitimate criticism of his boss Kevin Barrett in its open forum, Lindgren has resumed his campaign of disinformation against the organization which is best known for spreading truth activism around the world with its promotion of simultaneous street actions on the eleventh day of every month. Barrett, who was recently in the news after being arrested for domestic abuse, apparently has no problem with Lindgren carrying out his reckless behavior in Barrett's name. Previously, Lindgren was caught red-handed spreading lies about both truthaction.org and 911blogger.com.

"Rabid" Barrett involved in "twisted saga"

UW Instructor Barrett Pushes Woman's Deportation

Controversial UW-Madison Instructor Kevin Barrett has attempted to have a Lithuanian immigrant deported from her Madison home.

But federal officials told 27 News Jekaterina Bittar, 45, resides here legally.

And a Dane County judge has labeled Barrett's repeated, unsubstantiated accusations of theft against Bittar as "rabid."

Barrett ignited controversy when he discussed his view that Bush administration officials caused the Sept. 11, 2001 explosions at the World Trade Center on Milwaukee radio talk show host Jessica McBride's program.

The controversy led to a review of Barrett's curriculum for an upcoming university class on Islam. UW-Madison Provost Patrick Farrell approved Barrett's planned teaching.

Bittar worked as a crossing guard in Shorewood Hills. Bittar is a domestic abuse victim and is estranged from her husband, Evelyn Edward Bittar, 76, an emeritus professor.

As an immigrant victim from a country classified as underserved, Bittar qualified for legal help through the Immigration Project of Wisconsin.

Barrett and his wife, Fatna Bellouchi formerly rented a home with Bittar.

"She puts on a very good victim act," Barrett told 27 News.

Shorewood Hills police officials told 27 News they were contacted by federal authorities about complaints filed by Barrett against Bittar, alleging Bittar was a "green card girl" who had duped her husband into a sham marriage.

"She had basically come to America as a Russian bride by marrying an elderly man and then inventing false abuse accusations to get American funding for her legal help," Barrett said.

But an Immigration official with the Department of Homeland Security told 27 News Bittar maintains a legal resident status.

And Dane County Judge William Foust dismissed an attempt by Barrett and Bellouchi to collect rent money from Bittar. "There are elements of the Barrett-Belouchi case that suggest manipulation."

Foust determined Bellouchi ordered Bittar out of the house before the end of Bittar's lease.

Both Bellouchi and Bittar's estranged husband have been cited for disorderly conduct after harassing Bittar.

Through a Russian interpreter during a court hearing on rent issues, Bittar said Barrett stunned parents of school children when Barrett told her she would go to prison as she worked as a crossing guard.

"He screamed at me."

Barrett and his wife also filed police reports over the theft of a comforter and pillow and suggested Bittar was the thief. Foust termed their efforts a "rabid pursuit."

Barrett also claimed to police an abandoned grocery store cart on his front lawn was the work of Bittar and amounted to a sinister "message" to Barrett and his wife.

Bittar denied the accusations.

When asked by 27 News about Foust's suggestion of manipulation by Barrett and the confirmation of Bittar's legal resident status, Barrett rejected both opinions. "The INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service), I'm sure they don't have enough evidence to throw her out of the country."

Barrett said he would end his quest for Bittar's deportation, but could not promise the same for his wife.

"Kevin and Fatna were trying everything they could to besmirch Katrina and we don't know why," Bittar's attorney, Mark Maciolek told 27 News.

"It's been very stressful. It's caused her no end of concern."

"We hope this is the end of this twisted saga."

Barrett justified his targeting of Bittar as a means of trying to help her estranged husband in the couple's divorce case.

Barrett and Bellouchi were evicted from the house they once shared with Bittar.

Barrett's contract to teach at UW-Madison qualifies him to live at his present residence in University housing.


Friday, September 19, 2008

Barrett Busted for Domestic Abuse

Libertarian Party candidate Barrett arrested;
police say he violated restraining order

Wisconsin State Journal

A Libertarian Party candidate for Congress was arrested in Madison on Tuesday afternoon after police said he violated a Sauk County court order forbidding contact with his family.

Kevin Barrett, 49, turned himself in and was released from the Dane County Jail after posting $500 cash bail, according to authorities.

On Friday, Barrett was charged with disorderly conduct in Sauk County Circuit Court after being accused of hitting his 13-year-old son at home on the morning of the Sept. 9 3rd District Libertarian primary, which he won.

His wife, Fatna Bellouchi, also obtained a temporary restraining order against Barrett.

Barrett won the Libertarian primary and will challenge Democratic incumbent Ron Kind in the 3rd Congressional District.

A Madison police complaint said that on Saturday, Barrett came too close to the residence in the 500 block of South Randall Street where his wife and two sons, 13 and 11 years old, were staying and violated the restraining order. Bellouchi said Barrett came over and drove away the couple's car, which was parked outside the residence, police said.

Rolf Lindgren, Barrett's campaign manager, Tuesday said there was no harm in Barrett getting his car. "He never had any contact with anybody," Lindgren said. "He never put anybody in danger... It's easy to get people arrested in this country if you want to."

[It's certainly been easy for Lindgren to get arrested - 4 times - for drunk driving - ed.]

Lindgren said Barrett's wife was trying to sabotage his campaign. "It's just some sort of bizarre publicity stunt," he said.

According to Sauk County court records, Barrett was sleeping on the morning of the primary and became upset with household noise, chasing his older son out of the house in the town of Spring Green and striking him on his back.

Barrett grabbed national headlines in 2006 when he taught an elective class at UW-Madison about Islamic culture and religion that included discussion of his theory that the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks were a government conspiracy.

Barrett Arrested in Abuse Case

The Daily Cardinal

Police arrested Kevin Barrett Tuesday after he violated a restraining order his wife filed against him based on claims he abused his son.

U.S. Congressional candidate Kevin Barrett, a former one-semester instructor at UW-Madison, was arrested in Madison Tuesday for violating a restraining order filed by his wife, Fatna Bellouchi.

According to Madison Police Officer Lori Chalecki, Barrett turned himself in to police after violating the no-contact provision of his restraining order.

On Sept. 10, Barrett was charged with domestic abuse following a criminal complaint filed by Bellouchi.

According to the complaint, Barrett struck his 14-year-old son several times in the back and threatened Bellouchi with clenched fists.

Barrett, tired from a long day of traveling, allegedy struck their son because their two children failed to lower the TV volume, the complaint said.

Barrett drew national attention in 2006 when he shared his conspiracy theories surrounding the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks with a class. He claimed the U.S. government played a role in the attacks.

Rolf Lindgren, Barrett’s spokesperson, said Bellouchi’s allegations appear to be a publicity stunt.

Lindgren said he believes Bellouchi filed the report in an effort to draw media attention to her husband.

According to Lindgren, there is no truth to the allegations and the criminal charges will be cleared up soon.

“When Dr. Barrett is cleared, he will be hailed as a hero who beat the system. We hope the media does not fall for this cheap publicity stunt by Dr. Barrett’s wife,” Lindgren said in a statement.

State Rep. Spencer Black, D-Madison, said Barrett’s lawsuit would not affect his campaign for congressional office. He said it was unlikely prior to the lawsuit and arrest that Barrett would defeat his opponent, U.S. Rep. Ron Kind, D-Wis., who is favored to win the election.

If charged, Barrett faces a maximum fine of $1,000 or imprisonment for a maximum of 90 days.

Friday, August 8, 2008

"No Planes" Operation Exposed

Morgan Rose
We Are Change Colorado

COINTELPRO, an acronym for Counter Intelligence Program, was a series of covert operations conducted by the FBI starting in the mid 50’s and continuing until 1976 when it was exposed by the investigations The Church Committee. One of the primary methods of COINTELPRO consisted of forging pseudo-movement groups as a means of conducting Psychological Warfare operations to spread disinformation, disrupt, and divide existing movements. These ‘psy-ops’ tended to foment suspicions among the targeted movements and try to dissuade sympathies from people outside the targeted movement.

Today, COINTELPRO has reared its ugly head again, with infiltrations popping up everywhere from Anti-War activism groups to peaceful gun owners and militias. Provocations have become more and more conspicuous to the public as the Seattle World Trade Organization protests and Ontario Security and Prosperity Partnership protests successfully exposed provocateur operations. Of course, something as dangerous to the establishment *body politic* as 9/11 has not been without its alleged incidents of COINTELPRO action. Allegations of government disinformation have been swirling around certain figures in the movement, such as former Bush Administration official Morgan Reynolds, who has recently proposed that “no planes hit the World Trade Center”, has alleged “TV Fakery”, and submitted that the towers were brought down by “Directed Energy Weapons” a.k.a. “Laser Beams”.

While the government has spent innumerable resources trying to contradict eyewitness statements regarding reported explosions in the towers, Morgan Reynolds and his “mockingbirds” expect the 9/11 truth movement to put their energy into further contradicting even more numerous eyewitness statements. See a problem here?

Typical of the above outlined methods, “No Planers” have become a pseudo-movement, adding lunacy, deception, and division to the legitimate questions emanating from 9/11 families, first responders, government officials, intelligence experts, scientists, engineers, architects, academics, entertainment personalities, and so many others.

Perhaps the more visible purveyors of this pseudo-movement are supported by Paula Gloria’s “Concordia Foundation”. The “Concordia Foundation” claims 501 (c) 3, or “nonprofit” status. Recent investigations have uncovered that her “foundation” does not exist under that name. However, a “Concordia Eco Corporation” is filed with the IRS under a previously assumed address. One corporate filing database has listing the “Concordia Eco Corporation” as having total assets of $1.00 as of 2006. Funding of Paula Gloria’s “foundation” originates solely from an information technology firm, Bit By Bit Computer Consultants. “Donations” to the “Concordia Foundation” are actually billed directly to Bit By Bit. The operation functions under the guise of a nonprofit “foundation” with a private corporation providing the real funding as well as garnering cash from unsuspecting “donors”. The apparent fraud has appropriately prompted multiple complaints with the FTC and IRS.

Bit By Bit, and its subsidiary 3BDigital, admittedly list among their portfolio Bloomberg LLC, Chase Bank, The National Football League, Citigroup, and The National Security Council. 3BDigital boasts to have partnerships with Nokia, Cisco Systems, IBM, Compaq, Microsoft, and Level (3) Communications. A subsidiary of Level (3) Communications, a defense contractor doing business, primarily, with US and UK interests, is the developer of the WESCAM system said to be the delivery mechanism for the supposed “TV Fakery”. Of course this is nonsense, but it is fascinating that these harlequins would incorporate their partnerships into their own theories.

The “Concordia Foundation” numbers among its surrogates Nico Haupt, a manwho exhibits *prima facie *schizophrenic behavior. Allegations of COINTELPRO surrounding Haupt have, in the past, seemed to be justified. WeAreChange recently had two unprovoked incidents with Haupt, where he assaulted the group’s members, only to be ignored by onlooking NYPD.

Haupt continuously spreads disinformation, even abject lies, surrounding the 9/11 truth movement. From calling legitimate 9/11 truthers “Plane Huggers”, to claiming “Alex Jones works for ABC” and is “covering up for the media”, Haupt’s tactics and behavior exhibit classic COINTELPRO methods. Haupt even advocates “waterboarding Plane Huggers”.

So a “foundation” operating under a fraud with intimate ties to international defense contractors, major Wall Street banks, prominent telecommunications firms, and The National Security council is a driving force behind the “No Plane” pseudo-movement?

The information promulgated by Paula Gloria, Nico Haupt, Morgan Reynolds, and others is clearly suspect in light of these new revelations Whereas, before, all of the speculation regarding “No Plane” theories were simply diffused by logic and common sense, now we see that something much more sinister is at play. The divide and conquer tactics employed by these clowns has warranted past allegations of COINTELPRO. Today, the charade has been fully exposed: the pyschological warfare, the subliminals, the allegations of ‘cover-up’ within the movement, the show on the Howard Stern Channel. Although these revelations should prompt further investigation, it certainly begs the question: does it get any more transparent?



http://www.dos.state.ny.us/corp/nfpfile.html search: Concordia Foundation

http://concordiafoundation.org/—> Note the Address claiming to be based in NY…. total fraud

https://www.bitxbit.com/PaulaGloria/default.aspx — Note CC# will be billed from : BIT BY BIT

Monday, June 16, 2008

Killtown's Ball and Chain

Life must be barely worth living at Casa Shillklown these days...
and people are talking!

Genghis: "KT is letting Jennifer get hunted like a dog...
maybe he's just a gutless little bitch"

Nico Haupt: "she's CIA, a cult victim, a hooker... or all of the above"

Jim Fetzer: "...Jennifer Wynhausen seems to be at least slightly demented!"

Tarpley the Spacebeamer

Webster Tarpley, like Jim Fetzer, asserts that explosives and incendiaries could not possibly have been enough to destroy the Twin Towers. On page 244 of his FOX News-endorsed book:

"For a possible explanation of what kind of energy source could have been at work, we must turn our attention to the realm of new physical principles, and thus to the class of directed energy weapons which are probably most familiar to the general public in connection with President Reagan's so-called Star Wars speech of March 23, 1983."

Elsewhere in the book he claims that Flight 93 was destroyed by a "chemical laser".

Friday, May 30, 2008

The Origins of "WQ2RX"

Part Three

"You also missed that wq2rx was developed as a code to highjack RSS tags and stories. Since truthers are even too dumb for marketing, we also succeeded on that." - Nico Haupt

What is "WQ2RX"?

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Barrett's Drunk Driving Campaign Spokesperson

Kevin Barrett, disinfo's disheveled middleman, is running for Congress and his campaign adviser and spokesperson is a convicted drunk driver named Rolf Lindgren. Lindgren pleaded not guilty due to a "mental defect" after being caught driving drunk for the fourth time but was found guilty and sentenced to five months in jail. Perhaps this alcoholic affliction explains his recent psychotic attacks on the activist site truthaction.org? We can't say for sure but it seems likely.

It also seems likely that this kind of behavior will be doing the Barrett campaign no favors. But many say Barrett's only goal in running for office is to make the 9/11 truth movement look as bad as possible so maybe Lindgren's criminal record and drunken outbursts suit the candidate just fine.

Ex-Con Lindgren is good friends with disinfo maven Jim Fetzer and has also been tied to Webfairy/WQ2RX financier Fred Smart.

Stay tuned to The Truncheon for our upcoming in-depth series on Kevin Barrett.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

NYC Scumgang

Paula Gloria's cointelpro scumgang caught in the act at Ground Zero.

Cointelpro Provocation at Ground Zero

Paula Gloria's scumgang continues to disrupt and provoke at the We Are Change weekly actions at Ground Zero. The next day they were invited to speak at St. Mark's Church by Les Jamieson and Frank Morales. It's one big happy COINTELPRO family in NYC.

Les Jamieson, Fraud

This little PSA goes extremely easy on cultist arch-infiltrator Jamieson but rest assured we'll be dropping a big hammer on the sleazy weasel in the weeks to come.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Real Smooth, Buddy

A few more of the scummy operators sinking their fangs into the most infiltrated political movement in history:

Psychoslavery and Infiltration

A video featuring a few of the mind-controlled psychotics whose services are retained in order to discredit those who seek the truth about 9/11. One of these nutcases is on tour and being hosted by the pre-fab shill groups that were set up around the country to infiltrate the truth movement.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Haupt on Tarpley

Each edition of Webster Tarpley's book Synthetic Terror features this sterling endorsement by Nico Haupt on its back cover:

"Webster Tarpley's book is, without any doubt, the most important and best book ever about 9/11. It's an excellent combination of geo-political analysis, philosophy and 9/11 research and even goes much deeper."

Take it from a man who wears a hitler mustache to Ground Zero and physically assaults 9/11 family members - it's the best!

Tarpley on Haupt

Webster Tarpley on Nico Haupt:

"Nico Haupt is one of the leading researchers in the 9/11 truth movement. He’s always controversial, but he’s always on the cutting edge of research. I would point out that however controversial some of his ideas may sound, over the years a lot of his discoveries have been indeed been incorporated into what is the conventional and accepted wisdom about these matters. Nico is the one who invented the terms LIHOP and MIHOP to distinguish the less radical from the more radical schools of thought on the 9/11 events. He is one of the leading people in the research on how the news-film of 9/11, that you saw on CNN and the other networks was doctored. He has some very, very interesting research results…"

Tarpley the Mole


So Webster Tarpley turned out to be a mole after all...

I warned everyone to watch him. His connections with that "Paula Gloria" fruitcake made him highly suspicious to me. Early in my journey of awakening I made a few comments to a Tarpley interview on Paula Gloria's YouTube channel. All she was interested in was finding out where I lived. Now we see Paula acting as Haupt's sidekick in the recent We Are Change assault clips. She also provided a forum for Fetzer's descent into ad hominem la-la land when he went on the attack against Dr. Jones.

[Webster Tarpley has appeared more than 40 times on Paula Gloria's black propaganda public access show - Editor]

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Origins of "WQ2RX"

Part One

The Return of "WQ2RX"

from Col. Jenny Sparks:

"WQ2RX" is a fabrication created by members of the "no planes" crowd as an excuse to engage in internet harassment, including but not limited to unwanted phone calls, attempts to invade privacy, posting addresses and phone numbers believed to be those of the targets, and calls for further harassment/death threats, often through the means of bizarre videos posted through many YouTube sockpuppet accounts. The people promoting this rubbish - including Nico Haupt, Webfairy, Paula Gloria, Killtown and Fred - claim "WQ2RX" is an al Qaeda terrorist cell, a cell conveniently made up of the 9/11 activists who have been the most effective at limiting disruption efforts in 9/11 truth activism.

Read the full story HERE

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Psyop Gorgons Unite in Defense of 9/11 Criminals

Profoundly hideous hags Paula Gloria Tsakonas and Rosalee Grable aka Webfairy have teamed up to do the government's dirty work in creating a smokescreen around the crimes of 9/11. While Paula "Gloryhole" Tsakonas shows all the signs of being a mid-level handler in the so-called "TV Fakery" psyop, Grable comes across as a genuine useful idiot-schizophrenic who is in it for the free smokes. Recently these two agents have gotten increasingly more physical in their provocations, with Tsakonas accompanying German drug puppet Nico Haupt on his weekly harrassment of We Are Change at Ground Zero and Webfairy mysteriously showing up outside activists' homes.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Agent Provocateur Attacks Activists

Why isn't Nico Haupt being arrested and deported?

Suspect Number One

Is it really Shillklown?

Or just some kid with his mommy?

We'll know for sure soon!

[Killtown/Jenny Craig absolutely HATE having this video available online and are doing their best to have it censored. I have it on good AUTHORITY that it will keep being uploaded every time it's taken down. - Editor]

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

HUSTLER Slaps Down nicointelpro

Sleazy shillbag Nico Haupt finally found someone to talk to him on the phone and - just his rotten loser's luck - it happened to be an informed person who was already educated about the kind of disinformation trash that Haupt peddles. HUSTLER magazine's Mark Johnson told the disinformant druggie that "tv fakery" was bullshit and he didn't seem to appreciate his attempts at snitchjacketing physicist Professor Steven Jones either.

DRUGGIE: Is there any chance that HUSTLER might cover TV Fakery?

JOHNSON: I've seen some of that stuff. I don't think we're going to cover that, no. I didn't find any proof of TV fakery. We're interested in the truth.

DRUGGIE: I thought it was not necessary of proof because you promote also stuff which is also without any proof like Twin Towers destroyed by thermite when it was really directed energy weapons and -

JOHNSON: Yeah, we did report on Steven Jones' evidence and theory because he at least had a body of scientific experimental evidence.

DRUGGIE: I think it's pretty more clear that Steven Jones is an infiltrator so I think it's a kind of cute story for HUSTLER to look into direct energy weapons.

JOHNSON: That's uh... interesting...

DRUGGIE: (untintelligible rambling about porn videos featuring Rosalee Grable, Fred Smart and Rick Siegel)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

NSA Informant: "I can handle the drugs!"

Strung out stool pigeon Nico Haupt returned to youtube recently, continuing his work with the NSA and the Wiesenthal Center and defiantly proclaiming his ability to handle massive quantities of narcotics and defending his homophobic attacks on 9/11 truth activists and researchers as "not regular gaybashing". Haupt, a German national who is alleged to remain in the US on a special "Atta visa" which is conditional on his disruption of the truth movement, continued his stalking of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth founder Richard Gage by phone and then called The Simon Wiesenthal Center - encouraging them to include the activist site truthaction.org on their list of terrorist suspects. Through all of this, Haupt's producer and fellow stalker, new age cult advocate Paula Gloria, can be seen massaging her breasts and vagina in the background. Later, Haupt announces he is taking some time off for drug rehab.

Monday, November 26, 2007

CENSORED! at 911Researchers

Hoax site 911Researchers has jumped on the censorship bandwagon, with owner Rick "Megaskank" Siegel desperately combing the pages of his disinfo disasterpiece to remove any and all links to The Truncheon. First he flees the country, now he gets all huffy over our innocent little blog. What on earth is this big scaredycat so afraid of?

Screw Loose Change Exposed Part 7

Pat Curley of Screw Loose Change performs a slow striptease in a demented audition for one of Rick Siegel's snuff movies.

How much lower can Pattycakes sink? We'll find out!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Drug Ravaged Psyop Stooge Resorts to TV Fakery

Stung by comments about his degraded appearance and the swirling rumors of his ever-worsening drug dependency, illegal immigrant Nico Haupt has resorted to hiding behind an electronic rainbow flag for his most recent gaybashing videos. Haupt, an innovator of the "illegal-psyop-as-comedy" niche and co-creator of the wq2rx harassment franchise, is scheduled to return to Germany sooner than he expected - and not under pleasant circumstances.



Next: Under The Covers with Screw Loose Change

CENSORED! at bloglines

Needing to keep up appearances of covering all the latest news, Nazi fetishist and former 9/11 researcher Nico Haupt had no choice but to give a cursory mention to the launch of The Truncheon on his blog. Critical observers noticed however that Haupt not only omitted the most damning lines of our initial report on the illegal immigrant, but also failed to provide a link to the source. This fearful move came as a disappointment to Haupt's remaining few readers who have cultivated in their minds a brazenly fearless image of the addict.

CENSORED from the bloglines report:

Haupt appears to make a living by participating in organized campaigns that seek to disrupt and discredit individuals and organizations working for 9/11 justice - some have speculated that his "extended visa" status is based on his participation in these efforts.


...the once-bright computer and video tech has been involved with many organized schemes to divert, disrupt and even threaten activists, most recently and still ongoing: a campaign to flood the internet with disinformational "no planes" videos along with videos designed to harass and intimidate 9/11 activists (encouraging people to stalk them, alleging they are al Qaeda members, etc). Haupt has denied producing the videos (many of which appear to be in his style) but promotes them on several websites. Haupt is closely linked to Screw Loose Change, Rick Siegel, Webfairy, Killtown and Webster Tarpley.

The Truncheon hopes that Haupt, a self-styled critic of censorship in the 9/11 truth movement, quickly comes to what remains of his senses and recognizes the deep hypocrisy of this action.


A hardworking but compromised on the ground asset, Agent Peggy Carter is the "eyes and ears" of the NYC activist scene. She blends in, listens and observes. Carter works tirelessly to target and recruit weaker minds as carriers of the "TV Fakery" disinformation campaign. She recently scored a near-success when the September Clues hoax video was almost shown at the sixth anniversary events in NYC. Carter is diligent and dedicated but plagued by crippling bouts of paranoia.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Illegal Immigrant Nazi Fetishist Harasses Justice Advocates

Intel Drug Puppet and Illegal Immigrant Nico Haupt Projects His Nazi Fetishism on Researchers and Activists for 9/11 Truth in a Desperate Gambit to Remain in the United States

Breaking Story - stay tuned for more

Also developing:

The Siegel-Mossad connection
Paula Gloria: Disinfo Ditz or Coldhearted Killer?
The Killtown-Hatton-Lehrman tandem

Drugged-Out German National Stalks American Architect

A scrawny, drugged-out looking German national living in New York City named Nico Haupt has joined with the Weisenthal Center and the richest member of Congress in attacking the American architect who founded Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, an organization of 213 professionals seeking a criminal investigation into 9/11. While the SWC under the guidance of Jane Harman tried to associate Richard Gage's courageously educational website with terrorism, Haupt targeted Gage for a demented and oddly homophobic rant on youtube that culminated in a phone call to the American Institute of Architects. In the same video, Haupt also attempts to harass by phone someone he believes to be 9/11 activist Col. Jenny Sparks, who he fixates on in a sexually derogatory manner. Haupt appears to make a living by participating in organized campaigns that seek to disrupt and discredit individuals and organizations working for 9/11 justice - some have speculated that his "extended visa" status is based on his participation in these efforts. Others have speculated that drugs might be a part of the deal, too. We can't confirm or deny this, but the once-bright computer and video tech has been involved with many organized schemes to divert, disrupt and even threaten activists, most recently and still ongoing: a campaign to flood the internet with disinformational "no planes" videos along with videos designed to harass and intimidate 9/11 activists (encouraging people to stalk them, alleging they are al Qaeda members, etc). Haupt has denied producing the videos (many of which appear to be in his style) but promotes them on several websites. Haupt is closely linked to Screw Loose Change, Rick Siegel, Webfairy, Killtown and Webster Tarpley.

More on this story as it develops.


Seagulls and snuff films
There is an Authority
Here comes your dead end