Thursday, May 29, 2008

Barrett's Drunk Driving Campaign Spokesperson

Kevin Barrett, disinfo's disheveled middleman, is running for Congress and his campaign adviser and spokesperson is a convicted drunk driver named Rolf Lindgren. Lindgren pleaded not guilty due to a "mental defect" after being caught driving drunk for the fourth time but was found guilty and sentenced to five months in jail. Perhaps this alcoholic affliction explains his recent psychotic attacks on the activist site We can't say for sure but it seems likely.

It also seems likely that this kind of behavior will be doing the Barrett campaign no favors. But many say Barrett's only goal in running for office is to make the 9/11 truth movement look as bad as possible so maybe Lindgren's criminal record and drunken outbursts suit the candidate just fine.

Ex-Con Lindgren is good friends with disinfo maven Jim Fetzer and has also been tied to Webfairy/WQ2RX financier Fred Smart.

Stay tuned to The Truncheon for our upcoming in-depth series on Kevin Barrett.

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