Saturday, May 17, 2008

Psyop Gorgons Unite in Defense of 9/11 Criminals

Profoundly hideous hags Paula Gloria Tsakonas and Rosalee Grable aka Webfairy have teamed up to do the government's dirty work in creating a smokescreen around the crimes of 9/11. While Paula "Gloryhole" Tsakonas shows all the signs of being a mid-level handler in the so-called "TV Fakery" psyop, Grable comes across as a genuine useful idiot-schizophrenic who is in it for the free smokes. Recently these two agents have gotten increasingly more physical in their provocations, with Tsakonas accompanying German drug puppet Nico Haupt on his weekly harrassment of We Are Change at Ground Zero and Webfairy mysteriously showing up outside activists' homes.

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