Thursday, October 9, 2008

Drunk Driver Continues Assault on Activists

4 Times Convicted Drunk Driver Rolf Lindgren Continues Assault on 9/11 Truth Activists

Disgraced former Libertarian Party operative Rolf Lindgren, who pleaded not guilty due to mental defect before being convicted for his fourth drunk driving offense, is continuing his muddled assault on free speech, critical thinking and 9/11 truth activists. Apparently enraged that the activist site refuses to censor legitimate criticism of his boss Kevin Barrett in its open forum, Lindgren has resumed his campaign of disinformation against the organization which is best known for spreading truth activism around the world with its promotion of simultaneous street actions on the eleventh day of every month. Barrett, who was recently in the news after being arrested for domestic abuse, apparently has no problem with Lindgren carrying out his reckless behavior in Barrett's name. Previously, Lindgren was caught red-handed spreading lies about both and

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