Wednesday, December 5, 2007

HUSTLER Slaps Down nicointelpro

Sleazy shillbag Nico Haupt finally found someone to talk to him on the phone and - just his rotten loser's luck - it happened to be an informed person who was already educated about the kind of disinformation trash that Haupt peddles. HUSTLER magazine's Mark Johnson told the disinformant druggie that "tv fakery" was bullshit and he didn't seem to appreciate his attempts at snitchjacketing physicist Professor Steven Jones either.

DRUGGIE: Is there any chance that HUSTLER might cover TV Fakery?

JOHNSON: I've seen some of that stuff. I don't think we're going to cover that, no. I didn't find any proof of TV fakery. We're interested in the truth.

DRUGGIE: I thought it was not necessary of proof because you promote also stuff which is also without any proof like Twin Towers destroyed by thermite when it was really directed energy weapons and -

JOHNSON: Yeah, we did report on Steven Jones' evidence and theory because he at least had a body of scientific experimental evidence.

DRUGGIE: I think it's pretty more clear that Steven Jones is an infiltrator so I think it's a kind of cute story for HUSTLER to look into direct energy weapons.

JOHNSON: That's uh... interesting...

DRUGGIE: (untintelligible rambling about porn videos featuring Rosalee Grable, Fred Smart and Rick Siegel)

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mrnickzedd said...

Thank you. I'm proud to take credit for having coined the term NICOINTELPRO.