Friday, November 23, 2007

CENSORED! at bloglines

Needing to keep up appearances of covering all the latest news, Nazi fetishist and former 9/11 researcher Nico Haupt had no choice but to give a cursory mention to the launch of The Truncheon on his blog. Critical observers noticed however that Haupt not only omitted the most damning lines of our initial report on the illegal immigrant, but also failed to provide a link to the source. This fearful move came as a disappointment to Haupt's remaining few readers who have cultivated in their minds a brazenly fearless image of the addict.

CENSORED from the bloglines report:

Haupt appears to make a living by participating in organized campaigns that seek to disrupt and discredit individuals and organizations working for 9/11 justice - some have speculated that his "extended visa" status is based on his participation in these efforts.


...the once-bright computer and video tech has been involved with many organized schemes to divert, disrupt and even threaten activists, most recently and still ongoing: a campaign to flood the internet with disinformational "no planes" videos along with videos designed to harass and intimidate 9/11 activists (encouraging people to stalk them, alleging they are al Qaeda members, etc). Haupt has denied producing the videos (many of which appear to be in his style) but promotes them on several websites. Haupt is closely linked to Screw Loose Change, Rick Siegel, Webfairy, Killtown and Webster Tarpley.

The Truncheon hopes that Haupt, a self-styled critic of censorship in the 9/11 truth movement, quickly comes to what remains of his senses and recognizes the deep hypocrisy of this action.

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